trauma-informed approaches

Indicative Trauma Impact Manual 2023

This manual is currently on pre-order, with a release date of 1st March 2023. The publishers say: “A non-diagnostic, trauma-informed guide to emotion, thought, and behaviour. This must-have manual presents the first trauma-informed, non-diagnostic alternative to other manuals of mental health…
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Skepticism, Psychosis, and Hallucinations as Evidence for Our Beliefs

This essay by Bradley Astra Aldridge has been published on the website of the BC Hearing Voices Network. It begins: “Sextus Empiricus was a physician and ancient philosopher who argued that human beings should be suspicious of our capacity for knowledge,…
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Trauma-informed practice: a paradigm shift in the education of mental health nurses

“The emphasis is on what has happened to the person instead of what is wrong with the person.” This article has been co-authored by Jennifer Young, James Taylor, Brodie Paterson, Ivor Smith and Sandy McComish. It has been published in Mental…
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Children Who Witness Violence at Home

“Interpersonal violence, especially violence experienced by children, is the largest single preventable cause of mental illness.”Steve Sharfstein, 2006. In De-Medicalising Misery: Psychiatry, Psychology and the Human Condition , Chapter 9 – Children Who Witness Violence at Home – is written by clinical psychologist Arlene Vetere. It begins: “The…
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Not Crazy: You May Not Be Mentally Ill

The publishers of this 2011 book (by Charles L. Whitfield) say: “… It exposes the pseudo-science behind modern biological psychiatry that misdiagnoses people who have painful emotional, psychological and behavioral symptoms as being ‘mentally ill’ and then mistreats them with…
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Searching for a Rose Garden: challenging psychiatry, fostering mad studies

The publishers ( PCCS Books , 2016) of Searching for a Rose Garden describe it as “an incisive critique of all that is unhelpful about sanestream understandings of and responses to mental distress. Drawing on world-wide survivor activism and scholarship, it explores…
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