Mental health hospitals are ‘making children worse’, leading charity warns

Rebecca Thomas reports for The Independent:

“Mental health hospitals for children are making patients worse, a major charity has found, as more than half of those they treat report negative experiences.

Britain’s child inpatient mental health units are being used as ‘holding places’ for those needing treatment, and are failing to improve the mental health of those with the most severe needs, according to a report from Mind.

The charity says the findings from its latest survey of children in hospitals should ‘stop the government in its tracks; and has called for a public inquiry into inpatient mental health services.

The report, shared with The Independent, found that almost half of children said their mental health had become worse after they were admitted, while almost 70 per cent said they did not have a positive experience of inpatient care.

Tiwa, a 20-year-old woman from London, told The Independent that her experiences in three inpatient units had left her with more trauma than before she was admitted, adding that she still has nightmares about her time there …”

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