Trauma informed care on acute inpatient units: reducing self harm and restrictive practices

This research article by Kirsten Lawson has been published on The Mental Elf website. It begins:

“The NHS Long Term Plan (2019) is now 4 years old and within it there was laid out a 10-year plan for mental health services to be trauma-informed. However, as a Consultant working on an acute inpatient unit, what trauma informed care (TIC) might actually look like and how effective it may be on inpatient wards is still a relatively unknown quantity from a research perspective. I am pleased to blog about Nikopaschos et al’s service evaluation of the implementation of two trauma informed practices on their acute inpatient unit: Power Threat Meaning Formulation (PTMF) Team Formulation and Psychological Stabilisation intervention (Nikopaschos et al, 2023).

For some background information as to how important trauma informed care is in mental health care, head to these previous Woodland blogs to help you set the scene:

Aneta Zarska blogged about trauma informed care in mental health: why we need it and what it should look like. This was an experience-based co-design and the authors emphasised concepts related to human connectedness as vital and acknowledged the multi-dimensional factors that challenge these concepts in mental health settings …”

You can read more from here.

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