Kyrie Farm: An ecological approach to mental health

This podcast has been published by Mad in Ireland, who say:

“We are delighted to present this first ‘Fields of Healing Podcast’, literally from a field, with the potential to bring healing to many who otherwise may not have the opportunity.

This episode is longer than a normal episode. It unfolds as a story that can be paused when the listener chooses and can easily, like a good book, be picked up again when you are ready.

The background, purpose and public face of Kyrie Farm can be found on their website above. Here in this Podcast, we interviewed three people pivotal to how Kyrie Farm will evolve.

John McKeon the founder of this initiative brings the vision and rationale for why Kyrie Farm will be relevant in mental health care into the future. Dr Eoin Galavan is the Services Director for Kyrie Farm and outlines the aspirations for creating a therapeutic farm and what at this stage of collaboration the service will be like. Ciara Glynn brings the voice of experience to all aspects of the services development, as Peer Advisor at Kyrie Farm …”

You can listen to the podcast (and find out more about Kyrie Farm) from here.

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