‘The headset helps my depression so I can be a dad again’

Nicki Fox reports for the BBC:

A father-of-two said a headset that stimulated his brain using electronic pulses had been a ‘key part’ of his recovery from depression.

Ashley Riley, from Northamptonshire, took part in an NHS trial that used the device to treat the disorder.

He signed up after medication alone failed and said he was now ‘able to be a full-time dad again’.

Prof Alex O’Neill-Kerr, a consultant psychiatrist, said it may not work for all, but he had seen positive results.

The device works by stimulating brain activity in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in the front of the brain, an area linked with depression.

It delivers weak electrical currents, through electrodes placed on the forehead.

A camera in an app helps the user put on the headset in the correct way. It also controls the electrical current using Bluetooth …”

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