20 myths about counselling & psychotherapy

1. There is some fundamental difference between Counselling & Psychotherapy.

In fact, there is no clear difference; both are “Talking Therapies” or Psychological Therapies”.


What matters to a client in distress is that the professional helper who works with them can listen to their problems and help them find some better way forward. In some contexts the term “Counsellor” is used more often (e.g. “Addiction Counsellor”); in other settings the term “Psychotherapist” is preferred (e.g. in private practice). Whether someone is called a Counsellor or a Psychotherapist, or both, they should be able to work with a client on a range of issues, for short-term or long-term work, as needed.

2. Counselling /Psychotherapy never works.

3. Counselling /Psychotherapy always works.

Therapy, like many other forms of helping (medicine, personal training, etc) can help people to a greater or lesser extent depending on many factors – other sources of support, emotional readiness to change, clarity and realism of goals, etc …


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  1. Mrs C Gibbs

    Very imformative and well written

  2. Mrs Shane Gallagher

    Found this very interesting just wish they could decide on the title counsellor or psychotherapists save client confusing.

    1. Mrs Shane Gallagher

      Really good website

  3. Mrs Shane Gallagher

    Loved this

  4. Janette Mattin

    Well written and informative, like the layout too.

  5. Jo

    Good source of information.

  6. Karen Walker

    I like the new website; it is very informative and ‘friendly’ too.

  7. Hina Salman

    Myths about psychotherapy are very real and I am glad , they are addressed.

  8. Eli

    Excellent article really well written

  9. Shirley Adebayo

    Very good article in terms of clarity, choice of contents and informative too.
    There must be a good reason why the term ‘ Talking Therapist’ is not used more often instead of other ‘overlapping’ descriptors?


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