What Happens in Your Brain When You Walk Down the Street? Implications of Architectural Proportions, Biophilia, and Fractal Geometry for Urban Science

This article – published in the Urban Science journal – looks at how urban architecture and design affects well-being and stress levels. The abstract says: “This article reviews current research in visual urban perception. The temporal sequence of the first few…
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Building for Better Health: How Architecture & Design Can Address the Mental Health Crisis

This article by Aditi Desai appears on the website of the Glasgow Insight into Science & Technology. It begins: “The term ‘psych ward’ calls to mind grim, often uncomfortable, images: from the stereotypical “deranged” mental patient who is dangerously violent to…
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The Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health

The Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health “curate and create research and dialogue to inspire, motivate and empower policymakers and urban practitioners to build mental health into their projects for a healthier, happier urban future.” They have a blog called Sanity and Urbanity  


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