Journal of Humanistic Psychology

Psychological Formulation as an Alternative to Psychiatric Diagnosis

“… we might be in the very strange position of admitting, as one psychiatrist has pointed out, that psychiatry is ‘something very hard to justify or defend—a medical specialty that does not treat medical illnesses’ …”Dr. Peter Breggin, 1993, p….
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Psychiatric Diagnosis and the Power of Names

This research article , co-authored by Claire Chang and Ronald Bassman, has been published in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology. The article’s abstract says: “Psychiatric diagnosis is accepted and pervasive in mental health care and adjoining social systems throughout the world. The…
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Listening to the Voices People Hear: Auditory Hallucinations Beyond a Diagnostic Framework

This research paper has been written by Dr. Eleanor Longden and published in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology. The abstract cited in ResearchGate says: “While voice hearing (auditory verbal hallucinations) is closely allied with psychosis/schizophrenia, it is well-established that the experience is…
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