What is formulation in psychiatry?

“When assessing the same patient, two experts may produce two similar summaries, but two different formulations. This is the fundamental difference: a summary is descriptive, whereas a formulation is analytical and evaluative… formulating a case with clarity and precision is…
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Psychological Formulation as an Alternative to Psychiatric Diagnosis

“… we might be in the very strange position of admitting, as one psychiatrist has pointed out, that psychiatry is ‘something very hard to justify or defend—a medical specialty that does not treat medical illnesses’ …”Dr. Peter Breggin, 1993, p….
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Formulation in Psychology and Psychotherapy: Making Sense of People’s Problems

This book has been co-edited by Lucy Johnstone and Rudi Dallos. It contains an overview of many different models of formulation. The publishers say: “The first edition of Formulation in Psychology and Psychotherapy caught the wave of growing interest in formulation in a…
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