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Not My Words, Not My Story by Julia Buxton

This article has been published in Asylum magazine. It begins: “One of the first things that struck me when I entered mental health services was how little interest staff took in me describing my experiences or how I felt. I couldn’t…
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Expert-by-experience in psychiatric research and abstract science

This 1 hour video come from Sam Fellowes, who says: “‘How the lived experience of experts-by-experience relates to the abstract nature of science’. I consider how we should understand lived experience in psychiatric research given that science involves abstractions which…
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The Future Is Political and Transdisciplinary

This article by Dr. Awais Aftab has been published in Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology – the official journal of the Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry (AAPP). It describes the journal’s aims and general content, and sets out the…
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A Revolution Wobbles: Will Norway’s “Medication-Free” Hospital Survive?

“The oldest psychiatrist who’s been working in mainstream psychiatry in Norway for so long said, ‘It’s so tragic to see how little impact the psychiatrist actually has in the recovery process of a patient.’” In this interview , Robert Whitaker talks…
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Do delusions have and give meaning?

This paper , co-authored by Rosa Ritunnano and Lisa Bortolotti, has been published in Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. The abstract says: “Delusions are often portrayed as paradigmatic instances of incomprehensibility and meaninglessness. Here we investigate the relationship between delusions and…
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We often discuss why lived experience improves research quality, but what about the ‘how’?

This article has been written by Rachel Temple (Public Involvement in Research Manager at the McPin Foundation). It begins: “When I first discovered the ‘Trainee Researcher’ job vacancy at McPin back in 2017, I was immediately attracted. I’d been on the…
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My Story, Our Future: a storytelling project about living with psychosis

“There was not a single ‘typical’ story that emerged. Instead we found people navigating through their lives in a variety of ways. People talked about specific challenges, individual skills, abilities and strengths, and held different hopes and aspirations for the…
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The Big Anxiety Festival (2017, Australia)

The Big Anxiety brought together artists, scientists and communities to question and re-imagine the state of mental health in the 21st century. It presented over 60 events across Greater Sydney (Australia) from September 20th – November 11th 2017, tackling the…
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