Martin Harrow

Martin Harrow: The Galileo of Modern Psychiatry (1933 – 2023)

“I conclude that schizophrenia patients not on antipsychotic medication for a long period of time have significantly better global functioning than those on antipsychotics” This article by Robert Whitaker has been published by Mad in America. It begins: “The first time…
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Twenty-year effects of antipsychotics in schizophrenia and affective psychotic disorders

“This study reports multiple findings that bring into question the use of continuous antipsychotic medications, regardless of diagnosis …” This study by Prof. Martin Harrow, Dr. Thomas Jobe and Dr. Liping Tong has been published in Psychological Medicine. The abstract says:…
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The BBC, Harrow, and a Public Left in the Dark

“Martin Harrow and Thomas Jobe began their study, which was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, in the late 1970s. They enrolled 200 psychotic patients who had been treated conventionally in a mental hospital with antipsychotics and simply…
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