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Mental Health | Simon Baron-Cohen, Lucy Johnstone, David Healy, Caroline Hickman and more

In this 28 minute video from The Institute of Arts and Ideas, “Simon Baron-Cohen, Lucy Johnstone, David Healy, Caroline Hickman, Patricia Casey, Dinesh Bhugra, Havi Carel, Richard Bentall and Ann John discuss the complexities of mental health”:

Moving Beyond Psychiatric Diagnosis: Lucy Johnstone, PsyD

In this interview , published in the Psychiatric Times , Dr Awais Aftab and Dr Lucy Johnstone discuss her criticisms of psychiatric diagnosis and her approach to psychological formulation as a conceptual alternative to diagnosis: “Aftab: Formulation has a long history…
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Are you mentally ill, or very unhappy? Psychiatrists can’t agree

This article by Sophie McBain has been published in The New Statesman. It begins: “One afternoon in December 2004, Samantha* left her house in northern England and walked to the nearby river. She tried not to think about her five young…
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Are critics of psychiatry stranded in a ‘Jurassic world?’

This article by psychotherapist James Barnes has been published by Mad in the UK. It begins: “In a recent Psychiatric Times interview with Lucy Johnstone, 1  the interviewer took the very unusual step of seeking ‘clarification’ from two psychiatrists that she mentioned…
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4 activists talk about the campaign for an independent review on ECT

This 36 minute video about ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) comes from the AD4E ( ADisorder4Everyone ) Festival 2021. It features Dr. Lucy Johnstone, Prof. John Read, Dr. Chris Harrop, Sarah Price Hancock, and Dr. Sue Cunliffe. You can watch it below:

My summary of the dire state of ECT regulation (or lack of) …

This tweet is from Dr. Lucy Johnstone, who writes: “My summary of the dire state of ECT [Electroconvulsive Therapy] regulation (or lack of) on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester. No one will accept responsibility, and we have yet to find a…
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Users and Abusers of Psychiatry: A Critical Look at Psychiatric Practice

This book has been written by clinical psychologist, Dr. Lucy Johnstone. The publishers say: “Users and Abusers of Psychiatry is a radically different, critical account of the day-to-day practice of psychiatry. Using real-life examples and her own experience as a clinical…
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A Straight Talking Introduction To The Power Threat Meaning Framework: An Alternative To Psychiatric Diagnosis

This book has been written by Mary Boyle and Lucy Johnstone. The publishers say: “The current mainstream way of describing psychological and emotional distress assumes it is the result of medical illnesses that need diagnosing and treating. This book summarises a…
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Interview with Prof. John Read about the campaign for an independent review of ECT

This video-interview with Prof. John Read was conducted by Dr. Lucy Johnstone as part of the A Disorder For Everyone online festival, held September 18, 2020. It includes a discussion of ECT compared to the placebo effect, the risks of brain…
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