Is It Time to Reconsider the ‘Disease Model’ of Mental Health?

“A prominent U.K. psychologist believes we should change the way we talk about depression, anxiety, and other forms of psychological distress” This article has been written by Markham Heid and published on the Elemental website. It begins: “In2013, the British Psychological…
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Allen Frances: Overdiagnosis

“Dr. Frances feels two-thirds of patients diagnosed are being treated unnecessarily.” The makers of the film CrazyWise conducted an interview with psychiatrist Dr. Allen Frances. Dr. Frances is best known for his role as the chair of the group that produced the…
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Medicalising everyday life doesn’t help anyone’s mental health

“Not all suffering is mental illness. Pretending it is raises false hopes and puts pressure on an already strained NHS”, writes Adrian Massey in The Guardian . His opinion piece begins: “I have a growing sense of unease about the Americanisation of…
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No, You Don’t Have a Disorder, You Have Feelings

In an article in Aero magazine , Lisa Marchiano writes: “The London Times recently carried a story about an avalanche of self-harm among British school children. According to the article , “school nurses are dealing with panic attacks, self-cutting, overdoses and eating disorders rather than…
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