Insane Medicine: How the Mental Health Industry Creates Damaging Treatment Traps and How you can Escape Them

This book has been written by psychiatrist Dr. Sami Timimi. The publishers say: “This book digs through the rotten undergrowth which fertilises the mental health industry. The level of failure and deceit is hard to believe. The diagnoses we use are…
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Performing Arts for Positive Mental Health

“The provision of innovative, quality arts and wellbeing activities, alongside tailored pastoral support, aiming to improve youth mental health and emotional resilience.” Jack Drum Arts say: What we doOur diverse programme is delivered by professional artists and trained pastoral staff for young people…
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The Antifragile Mindset – why resilience isn’t enough in the face of a global pandemic

Dana Klisanin, writing in her Digital Altruism blog as hosted by Psychology Today: “If COVID-19 hadn’t canceled travel around the world, I’d be headed to London to speak about a topic that has become increasingly timely—antifragility—a powerful concept introduced by author Nassim Nicolas Taleb in his book, Antifragile: Things that…
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Duchess of Cambridge to launch landmark survey on early childhood

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Duchess of Cambridge will (on January 22nd 2020): “… launch a landmark survey on early childhood which she hopes will trigger ‘lasting change for generations to come’. Expressing hopes the poll would ‘spark the biggest ever conversation…
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The School of Life: An Emotional Education

This book has been written by Alain de Botton. The publishers say: “We spend years in school learning facts and figures but the one thing we’re never taught is how to live a fulfilled life [editor’s note: see Bad Education ]. That’s why…
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‘If the land is sick, you are sick’: An Aboriginal approach to mental health in times of drought

This article in Mosaic has been written by Georgina Kenyon: “A coal truck roars past, stirring up red dust that blows over the famished cattle and sheep lying in grassless paddocks. The carcasses of dead kangaroos lie next to empty water troughs. There is…
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Medicalising everyday life doesn’t help anyone’s mental health

“Not all suffering is mental illness. Pretending it is raises false hopes and puts pressure on an already strained NHS”, writes Adrian Massey in The Guardian . His opinion piece begins: “I have a growing sense of unease about the Americanisation of…
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Depression and Me

In “Depression and Me” –  a 1 hour TV programme from the BBC – Alastair Campbell talks candidly about his experiences of living with depression. And after 30 years of taking antidepressant drugs that haven’t stopped his depressions, he also explores whether radical…
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