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Drop the Disorder! Challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis

This book has been written by Jo Watson. The publishers say: “In October 2016 Jo Watson hosted the very first ‘A Disorder for Everyone!’ event in Birmingham, with psychologist Dr Lucy Johnstone, to explore (and explode) the culture of psychiatric diagnosis…
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D For Diagnosis – What’s in a Name?

In this 30 minute BBC radio broadcast , Claudia Hammond investigates the constantly shifting nature of diagnostic labels. The programme’s introductory text says: “Ever since the 17th Century philosopher Rene Descartes introduced the concept of dualism; the idea that our psyche or minds…
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Not what’s wrong with you, but instead what’s happened to you.

In 2013 the British Psychological Society released a report whose abstract reads: “… there is need to move away from psychiatric diagnoses such as schizophrenia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, personality disorder and conduct disorder, which have significant conceptual and empirical…
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Beyond Belief: An interview with Dr. Tamasin Knight on alternative responses to unusual beliefs

Medical doctor Tamasin Knight has previously received psychiatric treatment and went on to write the practical guidebook Beyond Belief: Alternative Ways of Working with Delusions, Obsessions and Unusual Experiences . The book queries and rejects the usefulness of traditional psychopathological labels and treatments. It argues instead for accepting the individual’s own reality…
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A Straight-Talking Introduction to Psychiatric Diagnosis

Psychiatric diagnosis has become one of the most contested practices in mental health services today. Lucy Johnstone asks ‘Do you still need your psychiatric diagnosis?’ This book will help you to decide. A revolution is underway in mental health. If the authors…
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Power Threat Meaning Framework: Beyond Diagnosis to Meaning-based Patterns in Emotional Distress

January 12th 2018 sees a launch event in London – see here for details – marking the publication of the Power Threat Meaning Framework: Beyond Diagnosis to Meaning-based Patterns in Emotional Distress. The event has been organised by the Division of Clinical…
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Video: Psychiatric Illness for Beginners

Dr. Robert Lefever, a retired GP who is now working as a counsellor, created the first rehabilitation centre in the world to treat all types of addiction. In this 9 minute video he sets out a direct challenge to standard…
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