The impact of a psychiatric diagnosis

CREST (Centre for Research in Social and psychological Transformation, University of Roehampton, Director: Prof. Mick Cooper) are looking to develop a self-report measure for service users of the impact of a psychiatric diagnosis.

The aim is that the measure can be used for both clinical and research purposes. Clinically, it is hoped that the use of this scale will empower service users and encourage a dialogue with professionals on the experience of receiving and having a psychiatric diagnosis. Research-wise, they are hoping to use the measure to explore predictors of the impact of diagnosis: for example, gender, time since diagnosis, and ‘type’ of diagnosis.

To progress this research, they are looking for non-NHS practitioners and services that would be willing to help with the recruitment of service user participants, who will be asked to complete a short online survey or take part in a face to face interview at the University of Roehampton. This could be by sending email invites to service users, adding a link to the survey on a website, and/or allowing recruitment posters to be displayed in offices of a service.

If you are interested at all in helping them, please contact Niamh O’Connor at to discuss this further.

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