My Name Is Rachel

“Rachel became what’s called a ‘revolving door patient’, in and out of hospital, sectioned multiple times. Each time she became more and more alarmed by what she saw as the lack of humanity in the system. This is Rachel’s story of being sectioned in 21st Century Britain.”

In this 27 minute audio recording from the BBC, Rachel Waddingham tells her story of being sectioned multiple times.

At various different times, Rachel has been given a large number of different psychiatric labels/ diagnoses. These include schizophrenia (three times), depression, anxiety, schizo-affective disorder, psychotic illness, schizo-affective disorder with borderline personality disorder, depressive personality disorder, manic depression, psychosis, dissociative disorder not otherwise specified, post-traumatic stress disorder, complex post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative identity disorder.

In this audio recording, she challenges the status quo and considers how things might change. Rachel also asks why she doesn’t have more rights to decide her own care and treatment, and explores how to break the cycle of the ‘revolving door’ patient.

You can listen to her story here.

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