Emotional Health

This book – first published in 1986 – has been written by psychiatrist Trevor Smith. The publishers say:

“… This work is written by a holistic psychiatrist and gives a comprehensive …. survey of the common emotional problems and the best practical self-help steps that can be taken to solve them. Guidelines are given to promote healthier attitudes, loosening up and change in specific problem areas and a better psychological perspective.

Each section includes a series of recommended psychological exercises. Topics discussed include:

  • Giving to combat taking
  • Closeness and contact to combat alienation and phantasy build-up
  • Self-caring for health
  • Self-confidence for health
  • Non-judgmental attitudes to combat bias and certainty
  • Dreaming to combat superficial thinking and to mobilize deeper psychological levels
  • Faith and psychological health
  • Being centred for self-expression
  • Making friends and meeting people
  • The best general approach to problems of emotional tension
  • Coping with divorce and break-up
  • Mood swings.

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