Duchess of Cambridge to launch landmark survey on early childhood

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Duchess of Cambridge will (on January 22nd 2020):

“… launch a landmark survey on early childhood which she hopes will trigger ‘lasting change for generations to come’.

Expressing hopes the poll would ‘spark the biggest ever conversation on early childhood,’ the Duchess said she hoped to prevent children facing mental health battles in later life, by helping them before they turn five.

The project represents the culmination of eight years of work by the Duchess, as she stressed a child’s early years were ‘fundamentally the most important’ and played a crucial role in the developing brain.  

‘They help us avoid adversity, or certainly build resilience to adversity in later life and prevent challenges with mental health later down the line,’ she said.

‘The Early Years are more crucial for future health and happiness than any other moment in our lifetime.’

The Duchess, 38, has been quietly working on the subject since her marriage, dedicating the vast majority of her public and private engagements to early years provision.

She believes that many of the hardest social challenges facing society can often be traced back to experiences in early childhood and has successfully made it her niche, viewing it as a lifelong project with which she can make a tangible difference …”

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