A Straight-talking Introduction to Children’s Mental Health Problems

This book has been written by psychiatrist Dr. Sami Timimi (and edited by Richard Bentall & Pete Sanders). The publishers say: “Rates of diagnosis of psychiatric disorders such as ADHD, and the subsequent prescription of psychiatric drugs in children, have increased…
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The Duchess of Cambridge and the Royal Foundation release the #5biginsights in the biggest ever study on the early years

“People overwhelmingly believe that a child’s future is not pre-determined at birth. However, most people don’t understand the specific importance of the early years.” This report from the Royal Foundation begins: “The Duchess of Cambridge has unveiled the findings of the…
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Duchess of Cambridge to launch landmark survey on early childhood

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Duchess of Cambridge will (on January 22nd 2020): “… launch a landmark survey on early childhood which she hopes will trigger ‘lasting change for generations to come’. Expressing hopes the poll would ‘spark the biggest ever conversation…
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Children and Nature: Psychological, Sociocultural, and Evolutionary Investigations

“… scientific knowledge of the significance of nature during the different stages of childhood is sparse.” Edited by Peter Kahn and Stephen Kellert, this book emphasises the importance of animals, especially those with which a child can develop a nurturing relationship,…
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‘Hearing voices isn’t a mental illness’: MHT meets Voice Collective

This article is published in the journal Mental Health Today. “Children under the age of 13 are more likely to hear voices than any other age group. Voice Collective, which runs a global online forum for young voice hearers, was set…
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5 reasons why recognising your emotions is important

Via BBC Teach , child mental health expert, Shahana Knight, shares her insight into why it’s important for both children and adults to understand and recognise their emotions. She begins by saying: “Recognising your emotions and learning to manage them is one…
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How ‘Buddy Benches’ are making playtime less lonely

Dougal Shaw for the BBC reports : “The school playground can be a lonely place for a child if they haven’t got anyone to play with. But a special type of bench is helping pupils make friends and get people talking…
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Schools ‘should help children with social media risk’

The BBC reports (January 2018) on a study from England’s children’s commissioner: “Schools should play a bigger role in preparing children for social media’s emotional demands as they move from primary to secondary school, England’s children’s commissioner says. Anne Longfield said she…
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Stop stressing out our kids – why children’s mental health is as important as academic achievement

Emily-Jane Clark, writing in the Metro: “‘My brain won’t let me sleep,’ wept my six-year-old daughter as she cried inconsolably in my arms last night. Since starting Year Two in September, my normally happy little girl has become tired, emotional,…
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Essential Research Findings in Child & Adolescent Counselling and Psychotherapy

What can child and adolescent counsellors and therapists learn from research? What evidence is there for the effectiveness of different therapies and techniques? How can developmental or neuroscience research inform or inspire therapeutic work with young people? Edited by Nick…
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