Seven lifestyle changes that lower risk of depression

Sarah Knapton reports for The Telegraph:

“Moderate drinking and a good night’s sleep are among seven healthy lifestyle changes that can more than halve the risk of depression, scientists have found.

Experts at the University of Cambridge examined health data from almost 290,000 British people – of whom 13,000 had depression – to find out what factors could be playing a role.

They found that getting a good night’s sleep – between seven and nine hours – had the biggest protective effect, lowering the risk of depression by 22 per cent.

Not smoking also reduced the chance of depression by 20 per cent, while having frequent social connections cut the risk by 18 per cent.

Regular physical activity reduced the risk by a further 14 per cent, while a moderate amount of alcohol – fewer than 14 units per week – lowered the risk by 11 per cent. Finally, a healthy diet brought a small benefit of 6 per cent …”

You can read more from here.

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