Branding Diseases—How Drug Companies Market Psychiatric Conditions: An Interview with Ray Moynihan

In this podcast (with accompanying transcript) from Mad in America, Ayurdhi Dhar interviews Ray Moynihan. The podcast producers say:

“Ray Moynihan is an accomplished health journalist and author who has won several awards for his work. He is also an academic at Bond University and a documentary filmmaker. Moynihan’s research and writing focus on the healthcare industry, with an emphasis on how diseases are created, branded, and marketed to unsuspecting people.

He is known for his use of sharp humor, which can be seen in his mock documentary about a fictional illness called ‘Motivational Deficiency Disorder.’ He is also a founding member of the international conference Preventing Overdiagnosis and hosts the podcast The Recommended Dose.

Today, we will be discussing something that the speaker refers to as ‘an assault on being human’ – the labeling of everyday life struggles as disorders and how patient advocacy groups, doctors, medical journalists, and respected academics are often manipulated by a powerful, corporatized healthcare system …”

You can listen to the podcast – and/or read the transcript – from here.

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