What’s it like to set up a Mental Health Political Party?

The producers (From Therapy to Social Change) of this podcast say:

“Dr Ben Mullings, counselling psychologist, has been a fierce advocate for mental health reform in Australia. In this podcast dialogue, Ben describes his journey of establishing the Alliance for Better Access campaign, the battles against Medicare cutbacks, and his pivotal role in establishing the Australian Mental Health Party—the first of its kind worldwide. This conversation is a deep dive into the complexities of shaping policy, the resilience required to challenge political indifference, and the undying spirit of community rallying for the rights to accessible mental health care.

Navigating the political landscape requires more than just knowledge; it demands personal grit and a will to reveal the human stories behind policy statistics. Ben takes us through his personal experiences of adversity that ignited his drive to forge a path for others to follow. We trace the steps from his own struggles with homelessness to his empowerment through education and into the heart of political advocacy. It’s a story that unravels the often-unseen intersection of mental health with social policies and the persistent myth that well-being is a mere consequence of employment and education. Through Ben’s lens, we uncover the intricate layers of policy reform and the necessity for systems that authentically support each individual’s journey.

The trials and triumphs of creating a political party are numerous, yet Ben’s account of launching the Australian Mental Health Party is a testament to the tireless pursuit of a fairer world. He candidly explores the hurdles—from protecting members’ privacy to sculpting a platform that intertwines health, education, and economic policies with human welfare at their core. This episode is an invitation to reflect on the balance of personal sacrifice and the quest for inclusive policymaking. Ben’s story is a poignant reminder of the power of solidarity and the essential role of community engagement in the relentless pursuit of humanistic change.”

You can listen to the podcast – and/or read the transcript – from here.

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