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The Neuroplastic Narrative in the classroom

This report has been published by the Critical Mental Health Nurses’ Network. It begins: “The following is a report of a UK-based student mental health nurse discussion group. … It was part of the work of a final-year university module called…
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‘Toxic culture’ of abuse at mental health hospital revealed by BBC secret filming

This report comes from the BBC’s Panorama team and Joseph Lee. It begins: “Humiliated, abused and isolated for weeks – patients were put at risk due to a ‘toxic culture’ at one of the UK’s biggest mental health hospitals, BBC Panorama…
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The Invisibility of Spiritual Nursing Care in Clinical Practice

Co-written by Dawn Hawthorne and Shirley Gordon, this article – which applies to mental health nursing as a well as nursing in general – has been published in the Journal of Holistic Nursing. The abstract says: “Background and Purpose: Spirituality has been…
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Conscientious Objection to forced pharmaceutical interventions: FAQ

This list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – with a response to those questions – has been put together by Mick Mckeown and Jonathan Gadsby and published by the Critical Mental Health Nurses’ Network. It begins: “Following is a list of frequently asked…
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Trauma-informed practice: a paradigm shift in the education of mental health nurses

“The emphasis is on what has happened to the person instead of what is wrong with the person.” This article has been co-authored by Jennifer Young, James Taylor, Brodie Paterson, Ivor Smith and Sandy McComish. It has been published in Mental…
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Critical Mental Health Nursing: Observations from the Inside

This book has been edited by Pete Bull, Jonathan Gadsby and Stephen Williams. The publishers say: “The argument that propels this emphatic book is that mental health nursing cannot continue to pin the blame for its own actions and failings on…
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