Are We Homogenizing The Global View Of A Normal Mind?

This article from 2013 comes from P. Murali Doraiswamy (Professor of Psychiatry, Translational Neuroscience Division, Duke University Health System) and has been published by the Edge. It begins: “Should we worry about the consequences of exporting America’s view of an unhealthy…
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Have American jails become the inferior replacement for mental hospitals?

“A new study reveals that 10 times as many people with serious mental illnesses are in jails as state hospitals” This article by Mathew Rozsa has been published in Salon. It begins: “ London’s Bedlam psychiatric hospital  is infamous today for how its staff brutally…
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Our Daily Meds: How the Pharmaceutical Companies Transformed Themselves into Slick Marketing Machines and Hooked the Nation on Prescription Drugs

This book (with relevance to the psychiatry’s prescribing of psychotropic drugs on a massive scale) has been written by investigative journalist Melody Petersen. The publishers say: “In an odyssey into the dark side of American medicine, an award-winning journalist reveals how…
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The Fight for Pharma Accountability and Psychiatric Rights: Jim Gottstein, Esq

Dr. Awais Aftab (psychiatrist) has interviewed Jim Gottstein for the Psychiatric Times. Subtitled “A lawyer weighs in on pharmaceutical corruption and involuntary psychiatric care”. The introduction to the interview begins: “The Zyprexa Papers is a fascinating story of how Gottstein obtained and…
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Anatomy of an Industry: Commerce, Payments to Psychiatrists and Betrayal of the Public Good

This article by Robert Whitaker has been written within an America context (but with wider applicability) and has been published by Mad in America. It begins: “The 2013 federal Open Payments legislation, which requires pharmaceutical companies to disclose their direct payments…
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Psychiatry’s Harmful Conflicts of Interest

Subtitled “Sunshine” legislation is ineffective against widespread financial entanglement, this article from Dr. Christopher Lane is written within an American context and has been published in Psychology Today. It begins: “When Congress passed the Physician Payments Sunshine Act in 2010,…
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At the Forefront of Medicine: My Summer Involuntary Hospitalization

Subtitled “A neuroscience student reflects on the psychiatric system’s failure to care for its patients”, this article by Cassidy Wilson, written within an American context, has been published by The Chicago Maroon. It begins: “Our culture conditions us to keep quiet…
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Social psychiatry could stem the rising tide of mental illness

This article by Prof. Mathew Smith has been published by The Conversation. It begins: “Nearly 400 million people are affected by mental illness, according to the  World Health Organization . Depression, alone, afflicts nearly 300 million people. It is no surprise that  concern about mental health  is sky…
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Pop Pills: the usage of behavior medication by kids in the USA

POP PILLS is the result of an extended investigation by French photojournalist Baptiste Lignel on the use of “behavior medication“ by youths in the USA. The publishers say: This book combines M. Lignel’s photography with elements from popular culture and social media, which bring additional voices to the narrative…
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Combatting Structural Racism and Classism in Psychiatry: An Interview with Helena Hansen

In this interview , published on Mad in America (and relating more to an American context), Richard Sears talks to psychiatrist and anthropologist Helena Hansen about bringing structural competency to psychiatry while rebuilding communities through activism and mutual aid. Here is…
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