suicide prevention

Critical Suicidology: Transforming Suicide Research and Prevention for the 21st Century

This book has been co-authored by Jennifer White, Ian Marsh, Michael J. Kral, and Jonathan Morris. The publishers say: “In Critical Suicidology, a team of international scholars, practitioners, and people directly affected by suicide argue that the field of suicidology has…
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What it is like to not be involved in risk management, care planning or significant decisions in mental health care

“When assessments, decisions and plans are made without my presence, let alone my input, it isn’t a cause of annoyance or anger but instead the source of complicated hurt, distress, mistrust, hopelessness and destruction of the self.” From the thedoodlechroniclesblog :…
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How do we prevent suicide? We must start with the most painful conversations

“Much of the coverage of Caroline Flack’s death has merely distanced us from the incredibly difficult reality. But we can do better.” Suzanne Moore, writing in The Guardian , says: “This is not a piece about Caroline Flack . We do not need to…
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Teens are increasingly depressed, anxious, and suicidal. How can we help?

This article in Vox magazine has been written by Brian Resnick, albeit mainly within a North American context. It begins: “Here are some numbers we need to reckon with: the number of suicide deaths in people ages 15 to 24, over 36…
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