Talking Therapies

The Emergence of the Social Brain

“The more we’ve come to understand how our brains work, the more we’ve realized that significant portions are dedicated to connecting us with others.” This extract published in The Science of Psychotherapy comes from a book called The Pocket Guide to Neuroscience for Clinicians by Louis Cozolino. It…
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The Industrialisation of Care: counselling, psychotherapy and the impact of IAPT

This book has been edited by Catherine Jackson and Rosemary Rizq. The publishers say: “The UK government’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme has transformed the landscape of counselling and psychotherapy across England. Local IAPT services provide therapy to thousands…
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How do we prevent suicide? We must start with the most painful conversations

“Much of the coverage of Caroline Flack’s death has merely distanced us from the incredibly difficult reality. But we can do better.” Suzanne Moore, writing in The Guardian , says: “This is not a piece about Caroline Flack . We do not need to…
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Video Enhanced Reflective Practice

Subtitled “Professional Development through Attuned Interactions”, this book has been edited by Hilary Kennedy, Miriam Landor and Liz Todd. The publishers say that: “Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP), an application of Video Interaction Guidance, supports individuals or groups to reflect on…
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Experiences of therapists who integrate walk and talk into their professional practice

This paper – as published in Counselling & Psychotherapy Research – has been written by Stephanie Revell and John McLeod. The abstract says: “Background There has been increasing interest in recent years in the possibilities arising from conducting psychotherapy in outdoor…
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Nature and Therapy: Understanding counselling and psychotherapy in outdoor spaces

This book has been written by Martin Jordan. The publishers say: “Recent decades have seen an increasing interest in the healing and therapeutic potential of nature and interest in the potential of greencare interventions for the benefit of mental health. The…
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Unified Psychotherapy Project

The founder/coordinator of the Unified Psychotherapy Project (UPP) is Dr. Jeffrey Magnavita, who writes that the UPP Task Force is: “… an invited group of leading researchers, scholars, theorists, and clinicians who are devoted to advancing the field of clinical science…
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Time for a New Paradigm? Psychotherapy Outcomes Stagnant for 40 years

Dr. Scott Miller “You’ve heard it said before. Flying is the safest form of transportation. Facts back up the claim. In fact, it’s not even close. In terms of distance traveled, the fatality rate per billion kilometers is .003, improving…
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Compassion Fatigue Resources for Talking Therapists

The  British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) say that: “Being a professional involved in delivering talking therapies is a fantastic career, with huge personal satisfaction that can come from connecting with and helping others. It can also be stressful and challenging at times, especially in…
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