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Handbook of Person-Centred Therapy & Mental Health

The Handbook of Person-Centred Therapy and Mental Health (Theory, Research and Practice), edited by Prof. Stephen Joseph, challenges the use of psychiatric diagnoses and makes a powerful case for the effectiveness of person-centred approaches as the alternative way to work with people who would otherwise be diagnosed with…
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Transforming Emotional Pain in Psychotherapy

This book has been written by Ladislav Timulak. The publishers say: “Emotion-focused therapy [EFT] is a research-informed psychological therapy that to date has mainly been studied in the context of depression, trauma and couple distress. The evidence suggests that this therapy…
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The Great Psychotherapy Debate: the evidence for what makes psychotherapy work

The second edition of The Great Psychotherapy Debate (by Bruce Wampold and Zac Imel) has been updated and revised to expand the presentation of the Contextual Model, which is derived from a scientific understanding of how humans heal in a social context and explains…
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