World Psychiatry

Renaming schizophrenia: a Japanese perspective

This paper from Mitsumoto Sato has been published by World Psychiatry. The abstract says: “In order to contribute to reduce the stigma related to schizophrenia and to improve clinical practice in the management of the disorder, the Japanese Society of Psychiatry…
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The social determinants of mental health and disorder: evidence, prevention and recommendations

This paper has been published in World Psychiatry. The abstract says: “People exposed to more unfavourable social circumstances are more vulnerable to poor mental health over their life course, in ways that are often determined by structural factors which generate and…
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Adverse childhood experiences: a meta-analysis of prevalence and moderators among half a million adults in 206 studies

This paper has been published in World Psychiatry. The abstract says: “Exposure to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), including maltreatment and family dysfunction, is a major contributor to the global burden of disease and disability. With a large body of international literature on…
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Do not prescribe antidepressants for mild to moderate depression or at first visit

This article by Peter Simons has been published by Mad in the UK. It begins: “In a new article in World Psychiatry, researchers suggest doctors shouldn’t be so quick to hand out antidepressants. They focus on primary care, which is where most…
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