Renaming schizophrenia: a Japanese perspective

This paper from Mitsumoto Sato has been published by World Psychiatry. The abstract says: “In order to contribute to reduce the stigma related to schizophrenia and to improve clinical practice in the management of the disorder, the Japanese Society of Psychiatry…
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Tied down and locked away: Harrowing tales emerge from Japan’s psychiatric patients

“Japanese psychiatric patients are nearly 270 times as likely to be physically restrained as American patients, 600 times as likely as Australians and 3,200 times as likely as New Zealanders.”A study by Prof. Toshio Hasegawa, as published in the Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences journal This article is by Simon…
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The Japanese Art Of Forest Bathing

Nina Zietman writes in the UK edition of the Huffington Post : “Cigarettes, junk food, alcohol: we tend to think we’re clued up on the biggest health issues in our society. But stress is increasingly becoming a major health epidemic – one that’s being picked up on … From…
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