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Antidepressants in wastewater treatment plants: Occurrence, transformation and acute toxicity evaluation

This research paper has been published in Science of The Total Environment. The abstract says: “Antidepressants (ATDs) are one of the most prescribed medications for psychiatric conditions. The widespread presence in aquatic environment and demonstrated ecotoxicity make ATDs a class of concerning…
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Antidepressants: I wasn’t told about the side-effects

Anton Ferrie reports for BBC Scotland: “About one in seven people in the UK now take medication to treat depression but some say they are not being given appropriate advice about the potential side-effects of the drugs they have been prescribed….
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Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 2: Are Psychiatric Disorders Mainly Genetic or Environmental? (Part One)

This chapter from Peter Gøtzsche’s Critical Psychiatry Textbook has been reproduced by Mad in America. It begins. “Textbook authors are preoccupied with telling the students that psychiatric disorders are hereditary. Obviously, this gives the specialty prestige. It makes it look more scientific to claim…
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No benefit of antidepressants in inpatient treatment of depression. A longitudinal, quasi-experimental field study

This article by Reinhard Maß, Kerstin Backhaus, Katharina Lohrer, Michael Szelies and Bodo K. Unkelbach has been published in Psychopharmacology. The abstract says: “Rationale Antidepressants (AD) are mostly considered indispensable for the treatment of major depression. The vast majority of…
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A Neuroscientist Evaluates the Standard Biological Model of Depression

This  research article  by Peter Sterling (Professor of Neuroscience) has been published by Mad in America. It begins: “Abstract Neuroscientists widely hypothesize that ‘depression’ arises from a brain disorder caused by some defect in a specific neural pathway. If so, we might identify…
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