Animal assisted therapy

Our Wild Calling: How Connecting with Animals Can Transform Our Lives — and Save Theirs

This book has been written by Richard Louv. The publishers say: “Richard Louv’s landmark book, Last Child in the Woods, inspired an international movement to connect children and nature. Now Louv redefines the future of human-animal coexistence. Our Wild Calling explores these powerful and…
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A walk on the wild side: How interactions with non-companion animals might help reduce human stress

This research article, by Rachel Sumner and Anne Goodenough, has been published in People and Nature . The abstract says: “1. The literature addressing the potential for nature and natural environments to reduce stress and improve health outcomes has a relative paucity of…
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Eco-Informed Practice: Family Therapy in an Age of Ecological Peril

This book  has been co-edited by Tracey Laszloffy and Markie Twist. The publishers say: “This innovative book examines how family health and well-being have been impacted by increased alienation from the natural world and calls for greater incorporation of ecological issues…
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