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A Straight Talking Introduction To Psychiatric Drugs (2nd Edition): The Truth About How They Work And How To Come Off Them

This book has been written by psychiatrist Dr. Joanna Moncrieff. The publishers say: “In an era when more people are taking psychiatric drugs than ever before, Joanna Moncrieff’s explosive book challenges the claims for their mythical powers. Drawing on extensive research,…
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A Straight Talking Introduction To The Power Threat Meaning Framework: An Alternative To Psychiatric Diagnosis

This book has been written by Mary Boyle and Lucy Johnstone. The publishers say: “The current mainstream way of describing psychological and emotional distress assumes it is the result of medical illnesses that need diagnosing and treating. This book summarises a…
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Beyond diagnosis: developing an outcome orientated approach

This presentation by Sami Timimi (Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist) was given at a 2015 Conference – POSITIVE ACTION FOR CHANGE IN MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES. The conference was hosted by PCCS Books, who say: “The presentation addresses evidence that highlights why…
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The Client-Centred Therapist in Psychiatric Contexts: A therapists’ guide to the psychiatric landscape and its inhabitants

This book has been written by Lisbeth Sommerbeck. The publishers say: “Why do not more client-centred therapists work in psychiatric settings? Whatever the answer, this book is a solid attempt to pave the way for a greater involvement. Lisbeth Sommerbeck…
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Integrative Psychotherapy: A Feedback-Driven Dynamic Systems Approach

This book has been written by Guenter Schiepek, Heiko Eckert, Benjamin Aas, Sebastian Wallot and Anna Wallot. The publishers say that it: “… introduces a new, integrative, systemic approach to psychotherapy and counseling and shows how the principles of dynamic complex…
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