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Pop Pills: the usage of behavior medication by kids in the USA

POP PILLS is the result of an extended investigation by French photojournalist Baptiste Lignel on the use of “behavior medication“ by youths in the USA. The publishers say: This book combines M. Lignel’s photography with elements from popular culture and social media, which bring additional voices to the narrative…
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The Distinction Between Antisociality And Mental Illness

The suggested approach implied in the article below would, within the context of mainstream psychiatry, increase the already huge number (categories) of supposed mental illnesses (and increase the already vast number of psychiatric diagnoses) … which would not be a good…
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Spiritual Depression

“When depression is caused by losing touch with our spiritual sensibility.” This article by Steve Taylor has been published on the website of The Medical & Scientific Network. It begins: “Some people have a simplistic belief that  depression  is caused by a…
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Be gone Mr Pearson’s correlations coefficient! – Statistics and the Dead Poet’s Society

This blog post comes from Renée Spencer, a community mental health practitioner with experience and training in teaching, counseling, art therapy, and psychology.  It begins: “‘Rip, Rip, Rip … this is a battle, a war, and the casualties could be your heart…
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Maps of Meaning: Story and Metastory

This video (see below) covers the first part (2 hours 22 minutes) of a very interesting and wide-ranging lecture from psychologist Prof. Jordan Peterson. Prof. Peterson says that people almost never come to him with mental illnesses – instead they come…
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I’ve experimented with psychedelic drugs to improve my mental health – don’t call me a ‘waster’

In an article published in The Independent, Kiran Sidhu writes : “There’s a strength and a maturity in seeing things the way they are and not how you want them to be. MDMA and psychedelic  therapy  have been used as tools for…
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My psychologist had never seen a black man with self-harm scars | Modern Masculinity

This 14 minute video comes from The Guardian. The producers say: “In this episode of Modern Masculinity, Guardian journalist Iman Amrani speaks to writer Derek Owusu about his journey to being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). They discuss growing up…
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Sravya Attaluri: The activist of colour who is shaking up mental health and feminism through art

Peony Hirwani reports for The Independent: “For years Sravya Attaluri, a third culture child, struggled to fit in and understand her place in the diverse foreign countries where she grew up. Today this 25-year-old artist and woman of colour, with…
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Cured: How mental illness was used as a tool against LGBT rights

“In 1952 the APA’s manual had defined being gay as a ‘sociopathic personality disturbance’. It gave a supposedly scientific rationale to prejudices already widespread in the US and elsewhere.” Vincent Dowd reports for the BBC concerning the documentary film Cured: “Until…
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