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Should we, can we, halt the rise in prescribing for pain and distress?

“Prescribers may want to move towards a ‘selective-use protocol’ based on individualised trial of medication and change depending on immediate and short-term response, 5  rather than the indiscriminate current ‘offer to all with a diagnosis’ method of practice.” Written by Prof….
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‘We are a sedated society’: the rise in antidepressants during lockdown

“One in six of the population is on antidepressants, and the numbers are rising. Are GPs being too ‘trigger-happy’ with prescriptions?” Reporting for The Telegraph, Miranda Levy writes : “As Britain slowly unlocks, we are emerging blinking into the sunlight. But…
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Complexity in Primary Care : Understanding its Value

This book has been written by Keiran Sweeny. One review says: “Exeter general practitioner Kieran Sweeney presents an elegant ponderosity: that the explanatory model in contemporary medicine needs to be overhauled to accommodate plurality of world views. This book’s strength…
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Explore England’s drug prescription data

The prescribing of psychiatric drugs touches on a range of key issues when it comes to discussing a new vision for mental health. Such prescriptions are running at massive and ever-increasing levels. To give just one small example, a July…
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Social Isolation Predicts Frequent Attendance in Primary Care

Currently, mental health services in the UK are mostly accessed through General Practitioners (GPs), by means of a GP-conducted first assessment of the patient’s mental health. This gives particular relevance to a study reported in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine , the abstract of which…
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People with learning disabilities over-prescribed psychiatric drugs

A study by Public Health England (July, 2015) found that people with learning disabilities are regularly prescribed psychiatric drugs without a recorded diagnosis. The report’s Executive Summary referred to a prior UK government report – Transforming Care – and noted the…
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It’s All in Your Head – True Stories of Imaginary Illnesses

Mental health issues affect far more people than just those seen by psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. And such issues manifest themselves in a wide variety of ways beyond the standard diagnostic symptoms beloved of psychiatrists … ways that…
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Quiz used to diagnose depression is designed by drugs company

Depression is being over-diagnosed because GPs are too reliant on a “basic” questionnaire designed by a pharmaceutical company (Pfizer) which also manufacturers psychiatric drugs, campaigners have warned, as reported in the Daily Telegraph . The easy-to-use nine-question form sets the threshold for the…
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