horticultural therapy

RHS Bridgewater: Europe’s ‘biggest horticultural project’ opens

In part concerning therapeutic gardening and social prescribing, the BBC reports : “The first Royal Horticultural Society garden in an urban area has welcomed its first visitors, completing what the charity has billed as Europe’s “biggest hands-on horticultural project”. The 154-acre…
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Bromley-by-Bow Centre and the future of mental health treatment

An article in The Guardian Newspaper (by Kate Lyons, July 29th 2016) about the future of mental health treatment included the following about the Bromley-by-Bow Centre in London: “Five minutes’ walk from a tube station in east London, past an abandoned block of flats with broken windows,…
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Horticultural therapy: ‘Gardening makes us feel renewed inside’

Why does coaxing seeds into growth or a fierce pruning session refresh the spirits so? In this article in The Daily Telegraph , Sue Stuart-Smith, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, examines the value of gardening as therapy: “Most gardeners would prefer to be busy in the garden,…
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