Luke Montagu

Pharmaceutical Journal: Deep disappointment as government scraps plan for national helpline

Writing for The Pharmaceutical Journal, Julia Robinson reports : “The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) will not be taking forward recommendations to set up a helpline to support patients struggling with prescribed drug dependence, The Pharmaceutical Journal has learned. This follows…
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Doctors gave me depression pills I DIDN’T need for 20 years

From an article by Luke Montagu (Viscount Hinchingbrook) in the Daily Mail, January 2017: “Six years after taking my last dose of antidepressants, I am still suffering from their effects. I have constant nerve pain all over my body, like a burning pins and needles…
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The Sedated Society – The Causes and Harms of our Psychiatric Drug Epidemic

The publishers say: “This edited volume provides an answer to a rising public health concern: what drives the over-prescription of psychiatric medication epidemic? Over 15% of the UK public takes a psychiatric medication on any given day, and the numbers…
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