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Primum non Nocere: A Psychiatrist’s Review of “Medicating Normal”

This blog post come from psychiatrist Dr. Awais Aftab. It begins: “I was lucky to see a screening copy of the documentary Medicating Normal (2020, directors: Lynn Cunningham & Wendy Ractliffe) earlier this weekend, and this post is intended partly as a review and…
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‘Safe’ Z-drug sleeping tablets given to MILLIONS each year are as addictive as Valium – and they can cause crushing anxiety, flu-like effects and suicidal thoughts

Reporting for the Daily Mail, Miranda Levy writes : “Zopiclone is the so-called ‘safer’ sleeping pill dished out by doctors to millions of Britons each year.  When it was launched in the 1990s, it was touted as a user-friendly alternative to…
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Lasting Damage from Prescribed Drugs

“There is a large-scale failure to appreciate the risks involved in taking drugs that alter brain function on a long-term basis.” This article by psychiatrist Dr. Joanna Moncrieff has been published by Mad in the UK. It begins: “The recent furor…
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Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and Their Families

This book has been written by psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin. The publishers say: “This is the first book to establish guidelines and to assist prescribers and therapists in withdrawing their patients from psychiatric drugs, including those patients with long-term exposure to…
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Withdrawal From Antidepressants: A Review

“We were dismayed to discover, in both the New Zealand and international surveys, that only 1 percent recalled being told anything about withdrawal effects when first prescribed the drugs.” This article from Dr. John Read is subtitled “UK authorities stop minimising…
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A Straight Talking Introduction To Psychiatric Drugs (2nd Edition): The Truth About How They Work And How To Come Off Them

This book has been written by psychiatrist Dr. Joanna Moncrieff. The publishers say: “In an era when more people are taking psychiatric drugs than ever before, Joanna Moncrieff’s explosive book challenges the claims for their mythical powers. Drawing on extensive research,…
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Stopping antidepressants

The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) has recently issued information about stopping the taking of prescribed antidepressants. It covers the following topics: What are antidepressants? What symptoms might you experience when stopping antidepressants and how severe can they be? What causes antidepressant withdrawal symptoms? Who is affected by antidepressant withdrawal symptoms? How can I tell if it is withdrawal symptoms, or my depression/anxiety coming back? Does this mean that antidepressants are addictive or can cause dependence? When and how to stop antidepressants Examples of tapering plans Appendix 1: Risk of withdrawal symptoms with individual antidepressants Appendix 2: Potential types of withdrawal symptoms The provision of this information is a welcome step – one that the RCP’s counterparts in the USA (the…
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Medicating Normal (a film)

Medicating Normal is a film from Periscope Moving Pictures. A virtual screening will take place on Sat, August 22, 2020 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM BST, followed by an interactive discussion. Details from here . Film synopsis: “Medicating Normal follows the journeys…
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