Sami Timimi

Are you mentally ill, or very unhappy? Psychiatrists can’t agree

This article by Sophie McBain has been published in The New Statesman. It begins: “One afternoon in December 2004, Samantha* left her house in northern England and walked to the nearby river. She tried not to think about her five young…
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ADHD as Cargo Cult Science

“[Richard] Feynman argued that Cargo Cult Science involves cherry-picking evidence to support an assumed conclusion, ignoring contradictory evidence, and giving the appearance of science while failing to actually follow the scientific method.” This article by Sheelah Mills has been published by…
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A Straight-talking Introduction to Children’s Mental Health Problems

This book has been written by psychiatrist Dr. Sami Timimi (and edited by Richard Bentall & Pete Sanders). The publishers say: “Rates of diagnosis of psychiatric disorders such as ADHD, and the subsequent prescription of psychiatric drugs in children, have increased…
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Insane Medicine: How the Mental Health Industry Creates Damaging Treatment Traps and How you can Escape Them

This book has been written by psychiatrist Dr. Sami Timimi. The publishers say: “This book digs through the rotten undergrowth which fertilises the mental health industry. The level of failure and deceit is hard to believe. The diagnoses we use are…
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Beyond diagnosis: developing an outcome orientated approach

This presentation by Sami Timimi (Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist) was given at a 2015 Conference – POSITIVE ACTION FOR CHANGE IN MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES. The conference was hosted by PCCS Books, who say: “The presentation addresses evidence that highlights why…
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Medicalizing Masculinity

“[The] neurocentric model has not only discouraged a more context-dependent view of children, but in addition has allowed for the mental-health professions to act as if the share price of the pharmaceutical industry was more important than the well-being of…
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Naughty Boys: Anti-Social Behaviour, ADHD and the Role of Culture

Written by Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dr. Sami Timimi, the publishers say : “Boys in the West are being labelled as having psychiatric disorders, behaviour problems and special educational needs, and are receiving psychiatric drugs in ever-greater numbers. In this…
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The Sedated Society – The Causes and Harms of our Psychiatric Drug Epidemic

The publishers say: “This edited volume provides an answer to a rising public health concern: what drives the over-prescription of psychiatric medication epidemic? Over 15% of the UK public takes a psychiatric medication on any given day, and the numbers…
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