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Antidepressant withdrawal should be taken seriously – we’re investigating ways to help people come off the pills

This article from Mark Horowitz, Joanna Moncrieff and Katharine Wallis has been published by The Conversation. It begins: “Misinformation about antidepressants  is rife  and is probably fuelling their rise in use. Chief among these false ideas are: Antidepressant withdrawal effects are mild and…
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Social psychiatry could stem the rising tide of mental illness

This article by Prof. Mathew Smith has been published by The Conversation. It begins: “Nearly 400 million people are affected by mental illness, according to the  World Health Organization . Depression, alone, afflicts nearly 300 million people. It is no surprise that  concern about mental health  is sky…
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Why the UK needs a separate justice system for people with mental illness

Writing for The Conversation , Karen Snedker (Academic Visitor, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford ) says: “ Severe mental illness is on the rise in the UK, and an increasing number of people with mental illness are behind bars and supported by inadequate…
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