The Japanese Art Of Forest Bathing

Nina Zietman writes in the UK edition of the Huffington Post:

“Cigarettes, junk food, alcohol: we tend to think we’re clued up on the biggest health issues in our society.

But stress is increasingly becoming a major health epidemic – one that’s being picked up on … From physician and author Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s forthcoming book, The Stress Solution, … written to address and mitigate the impact of our go-go-go lifestyles on our wellbeing, after he observed this to be the biggest health issue he was seeing in his clinic, to a recent study from City, University of London’s Cass Business School, which shows that nearly half of all Europeans graft in their free time to meet work demands, it’s an issue that’s garnering serious mainstream attention.”

There’s a lot to unpack around why this is happening. But one way that some experts are seeking to help soothe frazzled souls is nature-based therapy. In Japan, it’s known as shinrin-yoku (or forest bathing). In Mandarin, it is sēnlínyù and in Korea, they call it sanlimyok. It simply involves spending time under the canopy of trees – and it’s spreading from Asia across the world …”

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