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Listening to the Patient Voice: The Antidepressant Withdrawal Experience

“’A total of 97% of respondents were offered a prescription on their initial consultation with a doctor, 5% reported being offered talking therapy, and 0.6% were offered lifestyle advice (with some patients offered more than one option).’According to the researchers,…
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Medications have replaced psychotherapy as first line treatments

“… as a profession, primary care physicians know, or should know, that psychotropic medications are mostly ineffective and potentially dangerous to patients. As such, most physicians who prescribe psychotropic medication do so to the detriment of their patients.” This paper –…
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Building for Better Health: How Architecture & Design Can Address the Mental Health Crisis

This article by Aditi Desai appears on the website of the Glasgow Insight into Science & Technology. It begins: “The term ‘psych ward’ calls to mind grim, often uncomfortable, images: from the stereotypical “deranged” mental patient who is dangerously violent to…
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Mental Health: A Person-centred Approach

This book has been edited by by Nicholas Procter, Helen Hamer, Denise McGarry , Rhonda Wilson and Terry Froggatt. The publishers say: “Mental Health: A Person-centred Approach aligns leading mental health research with the human connections that can and should be…
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‘My doctor mistook my OCD for paedophilia’

For Matt [not his real name], speaking out about his mental health problem had serious unintended consequences. Reporting for the BBC, Natasha Preskey writes : “‘They treat him like a paedophile. They treat him like the worst kind of abuser. This…
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Beyond Best Practice: How Mental Health Services Can Be Better

“… massive amounts of time and energy are spent defining the scope of clinical practice and standardizing service delivery. Despite our best intentions … rules ultimately replace our client’s reality. Defining their problems, and regulating the methods used to treat…
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