While Psychiatry Slept: Reawakening the Imagination in Therapy

This book has been written by psychiatrist Dr. George Mecouch. The publishers say: “Where has the imagination gone in current psychiatric practice? While Psychiatry Slept dares to ask this question. It challenges psychiatry’s literalistic theories and demonstrates how the imagination is always revealing…
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Working with voices, visions and continuing presence

The Centre for Research in Social and Psychological Transformation (CREST) says : “Around 60% of bereaved people experience the continued presence of a deceased loved one (Castelnovo et al., 2015; Rees, 1971). This may be through hearing the voice of the…
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The effects of improving sleep on mental health

The full title of this paper – published Sept.  2017 in The Lancet Psychiatry – is “The effects of improving sleep on mental health (OASIS): a randomised controlled trial with mediation analysis”. “Background Sleep difficulties might be a contributory causal factor in the…
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Why did I go mad?

This excellent Horizon programme (BBC2) follows people living with voices, hallucinations and paranoia to explore the causes.   For hundreds of years, psychiatry has treated voices and hallucinations as an enemy – regarding them as ‘insanity’ or ‘madness’ and seeing…
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