Just One Thing – with Michael Mosley: Cold Shower

Investigations continue into whether experiencing immersion in cold water has positive effects on wellbeing and mental health – and if it does have positive effects, how do these occur? See, for example, Can cold water swimming treat depression?

This 15 minute BBC podcast features Dr. Michael Mosely. It asks: “Could a cold shower be the answer to reducing stress and boosting your immune system?”

The programme-makers say:

“Michael delves into the science of cold water immersion, revealing how just a little bit of physical stress might go a long way to improve your heart health, boost your mood and help keep colds and flu at bay. To find out more, he speaks to Professor Mike Tipton from Portsmouth University who’s been researching exactly what happens in your body when you’re doused with cold water, and why it might have a positive impact on your body and brain, with lasting effects.”

You can listen to this podcast from here.

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