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Saving Normal: An Insider’s Revolt Against Out-of-Control Psychiatric Diagnosis, DSM-5, Big Pharma, and the Medicalization of Ordinary Life

The publishers describe this book (2014) as being an “… urgently important critique of the widespread medicalization of normality. Anyone living a full, rich life experiences ups and downs, stresses, disappointments, sorrows, and setbacks. Today, however, millions of people who…
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Is Depression Unhappiness?

From an article by Monica Cassani (August 2013, Mad in America website): “I noticed in my wanderings through social media, after the article by Giles Fraser in The Guardian titled  Taking Pills for Unhappiness Reinforces the Idea That Being Sad is Not Human , that all sorts of people came out crying ‘foul.’ How dare Giles, they…
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The biomedical model of mental disorder: A critical analysis of its validity, utility, and effects on psychotherapy research

This article from Brett J. Deacon (University of Wyoming) was published in 2013 in the Clinical Psychology Review . The article’s abstract says: “The biomedical model posits that mental disorders are brain diseases and emphasizes pharmacological treatment to target presumed biological abnormalities. A…
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Not Crazy: You May Not Be Mentally Ill

The publishers of this 2011 book (by Charles L. Whitfield) say: “… It exposes the pseudo-science behind modern biological psychiatry that misdiagnoses people who have painful emotional, psychological and behavioral symptoms as being ‘mentally ill’ and then mistreats them with…
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Social prescribing in primary care teams

Social prescriptions are prescriptions (from health practitioners) that are not biomedical or overtly psychological. See, for instance,  Can you prescribe nature? and Bromley-by-Bow Centre and the future of mental health treatment . Social prescribing mostly involves a variety of activities that are typically provided by voluntary and community sector organisations. Examples include volunteering,…
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Psychosis and Spirituality: Consolidating the New Paradigm

The publishers say that this book (first issued in 2010 and edited by Isabel Clarke): “… builds on the very latest research to present an original and unique exploration of the psychology of both spirituality and psychosis. The editor brings together…
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