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Morrisons ‘quiet hour’ for autistic shopping introduced

The BBC reports that: “Supermarket chain Morrisons has introduced a weekly ‘quieter hour’ for autistic shoppers who struggle with music and noise. Its 439 UK stores will dim lights, turn music off, avoid using the tannoy and turn check-out beeps down on…
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For Centuries, A Small Town Has Embraced Strangers With Mental Illness

Lulu Miller reports for America’s National Public Radio (NPR): “At the center of Geel, a charming Belgian town less than an hour’s drive from of Antwerp, is a church dedicated to Dymphna, a saint believed to have the power to cure mental disorders. It’s a medieval…
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Our Most Troubling Madness: Case Studies in Schizophrenia across Cultures

This book is edited by Prof. Tania Luhrmann & Jocelyn Marrow, and published by the University of California Press (October 2016). The publishers say: “Schizophrenia has long puzzled researchers in the fields of psychiatric medicine and anthropology. Why is it…
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The Hearing Voices Café

“To hear oneself speak is maybe the minimal definition of consciousness.” The Café’s website says: “The designation “Hearing Voices Café” actually applies to every well-patronised coffee shop. At the same time, the phrase “hearing voices” is also associated with the…
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