emotional distress

Scientific Pollyannaism: From Inquisition to Positive Psychology

This book has been written by Oksana Yakushko. The publishers say: “This book argues that the story of the orphan girl Pollyanna (namely, her strategy of playing the ‘glad games’ to manage loss, abuse, and social prejudice) serves as a framework…
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Meeting Mental Breakdown Mindfully

This book has been been written by Isabel Clarke, a consultant clinical psychologist, with 25 years experience in the NHS, both in outpatient and inpatient. Her approach side-steps diagnosis. The publishers say: “Meeting Mental Breakdown Mindfully introduces the Comprehend, Cope and Connect…
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The ERNI Declaration: Making Sense of Distress Without “Disease”

This article was originally published on Mad in America. It begins: “ The ERNI (Emotions aRe Not Illnesses) declaration  is based on the idea that distress does not equate to disease, dysfunction, dysregulation, or chemical imbalance. Signatories believe that there needs to be a shift from illness and…
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Why popping a pill for every emotional problem is madness: Antidepressants and antipsychotics are now doled out in their millions… but an expert argues they can make your condition WORSE

Psychotherapist James Davies has written an article for the Daily Mail. It begins: “Medicine has progressed at an astonishing rate over the past 40 years. If, in the late 1970s, a child had contracted leukaemia, their chances of survival would have…
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Sometimes Embracing Emotional Distress Is the Best Medicine

This article – subtitled “Avoiding mental discomfort at any cost can be a self-defeating strategy” – has been published in Scientific American and written by Joanna Cheek. As a side note, the avoidance of emotional distress and mental discomfort is one…
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A Prescription for Psychiatry: Why We Need a Whole New Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing

This book has been written by Prof. Peter Kinderman. The publishers say that it: “… lays bare the flaws and failings of traditional mental health care and offers a radical alternative. Exposing the old-fashioned biological ‘disease model’ of psychiatry as unscientific…
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Power Threat Meaning Framework: a slideshow presentation

On January 18th 2018, in London, the British Psychological Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) publicly launched the Power Threat Meaning (PTM) Framework … the culmination of a five year project. The framework is subtitled: “Towards the identification of patterns…
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Power Threat Meaning Framework: Beyond Diagnosis to Meaning-based Patterns in Emotional Distress

January 12th 2018 sees a launch event in London – see here for details – marking the publication of the Power Threat Meaning Framework: Beyond Diagnosis to Meaning-based Patterns in Emotional Distress. The event has been organised by the Division of Clinical…
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