New Approaches

Persecutory delusions, engine idling and taxi driver brains

This episode of All in the Mind (BBC Radio 4) includes presenter Claudia Hammond talking to Prof. Daniel Freeman (clinical psychologist at the University of Oxford) about a trial into a new talking treatment – the Feeling Safe programme – for…
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Depression is more than low mood – it’s a change of consciousness

As published on the Psyche website, this article has been co-authored by by Cecily Whiteley and Prof. Jonathan Birch. It begins: “You’ve lost a habitable Earth. You’ve lost the invitation to live that the Universe extends to us at every moment….
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“I’m Normal” and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

This article – subtitled “Why we are misled by statistics” – has been written by Dr. Steven C. Hayes and published in Psychology Today. It begins: “Our minds think in terms of categories and concepts. It comes easy to us. It’s…
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Think of mental disorders as the mind’s ‘sticky tendencies’

This article by Kristopher Nielsen has been published in Aeon. It begins: “What exactly are mental disorders? The answer to this question is important because it informs how researchers should go about trying to explain mental disorders, how the public responds…
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Kyrie Farm: A transformative initiative for Ireland’s mental health services

This new initiative plans to open in March 2023. The organisers say: “The Kyrie Therapeutic Farm will support recovery through the creation of a healing environment combining a supportive community, therapeutic and holistic care and meaningful opportunities for participating in a natural farm setting in Ireland.!…
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Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False

The topic of human consciousness is fundamental to discussions about mental health, mental healthcare and the best ways of helping those in psychological and emotional distress. This book by Thomas Nagel looks at the question of consciousness in a way that…
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gameChange: virtual reality therapy for mental health issues to be delivered by the NHS

The people at gameChange say that the VR therapy provided “allows a person to practise being in simulations of everyday situations … a café, shop, pub, street, doctor’s surgery, and a bus.” The background to this approach is described as follows:…
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Exploring novel approaches to youth mental health

This article by Dr. Lawrence Howells has been published in The Psychologist. It begins: “Three years after qualifying as a clinical psychologist, I found myself facing a significant dilemma. I was asked to speak to college students about youth mental health…
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How A New Therapy Helps People with Delusions Feel Safe Again

“”I don’t have to worry any more about people potentially attacking me. That’s all floated away.”” This article has been written by Shayla Love and published in Vice magazine. It begins: “Six months into experiencing psychosis, Susan Weiner woke up…
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Sometimes Embracing Emotional Distress Is the Best Medicine

This article – subtitled “Avoiding mental discomfort at any cost can be a self-defeating strategy” – has been published in Scientific American and written by Joanna Cheek. As a side note, the avoidance of emotional distress and mental discomfort is one…
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