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Buzzword Bingo: Schizophrenia Gene Discovery

From the blog-site of Auntie Psychiatry : “Don’t get me wrong – I’m very keen to learn about the latest scientific findings on the ‘Genetics of Mental Illness’. Does schizophrenia really have a ‘significant genetic component’ as is so often claimed? The hunt is on….
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Drug trials ‘skewed by the pharmaceutical industry,’ GPs say

A report by Laura Donnelly in The Telegraph (June 2017) notes that: “Four in five GPs believe drug trials are skewed by the pharmaceutical industry, amid widespread mistrust in medical research, polling shows. A report by the Academy of Medical Sciences is…
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Natural Causes: Life, Death and the Illusion of Control

A book that talks about over-diagnosis, doctor-induced illness and “evidence-based” medicine has relevance not just to biophysical illness/wellbeing, but also to emotional and psychological illness and wellbeing … Natural Causes by Barbara Ehrenreich – wise words on real wellness is the title of a review by Yvonne Roberts (in The Observer)…
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The Development of Green Care in Western European Countries

This review-article appeared in EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing. The publishers say that it: “… represents a review of green care across Western European countries. The following questions are addressed: What is green care, and what are its basic goals? What are the most commonly…
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Emotion Researcher: History and Beyond

The Emotion Researcher is the sourcebook (of the International Society for Research on Emotion ) for research on emotion and affect. Writing in the Editors’ Column of the Emotion Researcher, Carolyn Price & Eric A. Walle say that: “Emotions (you may not be surprised to hear!) have a…
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Cultivating our humanity: A systematic review of care farming & traumatic grief

This review essay is co-authored by Dr. Richard Gorman and Dr. Joanne Cacciatore. The abstract says: “Traumatic grief is a complex biopsychosocial experience, frequently (and contentiously) medicalized in the Western world. Care farming is an increasingly popular place-based intervention utilizing agricultural settings…
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The era of circadian lighting in health care is dawning

With relevance to the design of psychiatric hospital wards (and beyond) … Stacey Burling reports for The Philadelphia Inquirer reports: “The Medical Behavioral Unit at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia [CHOP] was an unusual concept from the start. The first of its kind…
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